A message from Mrs. Davidson:

I want to thank you for your patience this first week of school. We are working every day to make changes to our plan to improve efficiency while also keeping students and staff safe. As we could have guessed, this plan is not without its flaws and we need your help during drop off and pick up!
Pull Forward – when dropping off AND picking up, we want you to pull all the way forward so that we can move traffic into the parking lot and off the street. Students who are transported by car will still enter through the gym doors.
Arrive for pickup close to dismissal times – dismissal times are 10:45 for a.m. cohort and 3:30 for p.m. cohort. If you arrive early, the traffic backup occurs early and others are forced to sit on the street longer. We are not releasing students until the times listed above.
Pull around a stopped car – if you are stuck behind a car who is loading
Pick up/drop off on foot – if you walk your student to the door you must wear a mask/face shield and maintain social distancing guidelines. We would like you to drop your student off at the front door rather than the gym doors. Please pick your student up from our new parent waiting area (near bell). Please stand at a cone with your student’s placard. If you drive to the school and park, please do not use our parking lot as it is our pickup route and you will get blocked in.
Have your student practice buckling themselves into their seats/car seats.
Write teacher name on your placard – sorry we didn’t think to do this for you!
It has been an absolute pleasure having your students in our school and we really appreciate your support!
Kara Davidson, Principal